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托福口语备考练习误区指点 ,练好内功比刷题更重要,今天小编给大家带来了托福口语备考练习误区指点,希望能够帮助到大家,下面小编就和大家分享,来欣赏一下吧。

托福口语备考练习误区指点 练好内功比刷题更重要


每节口语课一开始,我都会问学生一个问题:”How are you today?”一个极其简单又不简单的问题。如果学生只会回答:”Fine, thank you, and you?”甚至只有:”Fine!” 那不好意思,你的口语可能一点都不fine。因为这种答案就是应试教育下的产物,只注重笔试和语法,却忽略了语言最本质的作用:交流。

而相反,如果学生的回答能多样化一些,生活化一些,比如:”Not bad, you know, just another busy day at work” 或者是:”I’m doing great, in fact, I just watched the new Jason Bourne movie and it was terrific.” 甚至更加主动一点的,反客为主地问我:”Hey Vincent, how’s it going?” 那么恭喜你,你的口语水平还不错,至少能愉快地和别人交流。



所以对于本身口语就有问题的同学,如果只是单纯地刷刷TPO,而不去从根本上改善自己口语的短板,那么多半是原地踏步,很难取得突破。比如说我有个学生,看完电影「疯狂动物城」,却连英文名都记不住,那又怎么能在需要用到电影名称举例的时候说出来呢?又或者受人热捧的奥斯卡影帝小李子,又有多少同学知道他的全名叫Leonardo DiCaprio,并且可以标准地读出来呢?这就是很多学生的问题所在,从来不去接触real English,从没有读过一篇国外主流媒体或杂志上的文章,没有听过任何一个英文的播客或广播,美其名曰地看美剧学英文到头来也只是看着字幕图个乐,英语水平并没有得到任何提高。



Well, you know, I’ve actually been up to the admission office a couple of times, like, to pick up some information for a friend, you know, and every time I’ve ever been there, wow, you can tell they are really busy.

这里的well, you know, like等词叫做 Verbal fillers,是指用来填补说话中的停顿或者间隔的一些无实际意义的词,这类词如果使用得当,会给人一种连贯自然的感觉。

这段话也包含了几处口语中常见的连读,比如been up [biːn ʌp], 因为been以[n]这个辅音结尾,而up又以[ʌ]这个元音开头,所以口语中习惯把他们连在一起读,听起来像一个词[biːnʌp],同样的例子还有pick up,了解并掌握这些连读规则不仅可以帮助考生听懂听力,也可以让自己的口语表达更加连贯,流利。看似简单的TPO口语题,其实暗藏玄机,别有洞天。



托福黄金口语80题及答案:Which one do you prefer


Students might have many choices to spend a vacation as long as they can make the vacation time interesting or helpful. For example, you can visit your families or friends, go to concerts or do many other things for relaxation. You can also plan a trip to the city or somewhere you are longing for, which will help to broaden your view and knowledge. Furthermore, you can also choose to have a vacation internship, and the experience will increase your income as well as make you familiar with the society. So there is never lack of choices.


I consider that students should not have to wear the school uniforms. First of all, young people often express their feelings through the clothing that they wear. Uniforms will take away this form of expression. Moreover, I think that our school uniforms are too traditional, especially in colors and styles. In summer, girls must wear skirts but I like trousers. In addition,, the weather change every moment. Students cannot adapt to the environment wearing one or two uniforms.


I definitely agree that one should observe before helping others when there is a danger. Firstly, you must keep a clear mind if you are able

to help solving the emergency, otherwise you may do nothing but even put yourself in danger. For example, if the rescue needs more people or other tools, you should stop and think about where to get them. In addition, some imprudent actions may even deteriorate the situation. If you move a patient with heart attacking frequently, it can even cause death. So I think one should observe before helping others.


I don’t agree that people should always tell the truth. Though honesty is one of the most important qualities of a human being, it’s better to tell a white lie sometimes. Two years ago, my families suffered terribly from the death of my little brother. My mother covered the truth to my

grandparents and told them that my little brother went to take military duty because my grandparents are too old to accept the brutal fact. Until now, they have no doubt that their little grandson is in an army and they had a happy life every day until their time came.


I don’t agree that people can judge a person by the appearance at the first glance. In the famous novel Pride and Prejudice, Miss Elizabeth considered that Mr.Darcy was an offish and arrogant man when she first met him. Finally, she realized that she was totally wrong when Mr.Darcy helped her solve her sister’s wedding problem and hold her family

reputation. In fact, Mr.Darcy was so cool and didn’t know how to express his feelings. Similar things often occur in our daily life. Therefore, it is hard to judge a person by the appearance at first glance.

39、收到一大笔钱你会怎么花?是 practical purpose 还是 for fun?

If I receive a large amount of money, I would like to buy a practical thing like a piano so I could learn how to play it. First of all, learning how to play a piano is a long-term process, that is to say, it is a nice method to strengthen willpower. Moreover, learning it can also make me understand

music better and cultivate my emotional intelligence. In addition, the biggest dream in my childhood is that I can perform a melody for my friends in a party. That’s cool, isn’t it?


I usually communicate with family or friends by telephone. Firstly of all, I feel more close to my family or friends by directly talking to them. Hearing their voices gives me a sense of intimacy, especially for a student far away from home. Furthermore, it’s more efficient to communicate by telephone. I can directly describe my life and receive information about my family or friends in just several minutes, while transferring information by letter or e-mail cost time and energy. So I’d like to

choose telephone.


I don’t support having a relaxed and unhurried life. First of all, pressure engenders impetus. If you always keep living a relaxed life, you can learn nothing and even find life tedious, because you have no idea what you are living for. Furthermore, it’s impossible for one to be relaxed forever. Life is full of chances and challenges. If you are used to an invariable and easygoing life style, you’ll be not able to deal with the chances or emergencies in your life. That’s why I oppose the relaxed and unhurried life style.


Well, I prefer also enjoy the view on our way. First of all, I think my purpose to travel is to enjoy the beautiful scenery, whatever at the destination or on the way, so we should also spend time viewing the scenery on the way if they are beautiful and worth to see. Second, we could make our trip full of surprise, because we can’t predict whether there is beautiful scenery on the way, and if we find some place wonderful on my way, it must be a huge surprise for me, and it must be better than only going to the destination. All in all, I prefer enjoying the view on our way.


I think old buildings should be protected and the reasons behind my view are many. First, old buildings present a place’s history, tradition, local custom and even some unique character. They were designed to be preserved as they were in early times. They serve as a mirror ro remind modern people of their past that they should be proud of.

Second, people can make money because most old buildings are tourist attractions which attract tourists from all over the world. If they do not exist any more, visitors might go back with regret. In addition,

tourism is always a big support to economy. Therefore, we could try to bring the funding into the budget to do whatever is necessary.


I think it’s more important to learn from personal experience, although advices from others are helpful and sometimes necessary. First of all, when you have problems or get into a dilemma, you are the person most familiar with what you really want and it’ll promote you to develop the ability to solve. Advices from others may be just the opposite with your expectation. In addition, more personal experience will make one more mature and capable. You can realize the society more comprehensive and objective. So I’d like to learn from personal experience.


I do prefer to live on the plain. My favorite place is the Lianfeng Mountain Park, which locates the small Bei Daihe city east of China, abut against Bohai Sea. You can enjoy the fresh air among the brushy trees as well as the euphonic birds’ singing. More amazingly, it doesn’t take long to go to the seaside. Just imagine the blue sky and ocean together with the beautiful sunshine on the beach. Furthermore, I like to collect rainbow seashells on the beach. More important, on the seaside I happened to make friends with a pretty and kind girl with the same favor for seashells. She gave me some heart-shaped seashells, which are very unique, as a remembrance. The life in the small city is really interesting andmemorable.









除此之外,VOA,还有一些美国iTunes商店的广播都可以下来听,内容较托福更为广泛,可能涉及时事,政治,经济等等。广播,例如潮人达人都爱的 Monocle,将带给你大量的地道美语表达,和流畅大方的表述风格。模仿他们!如果这些面向美国群众的电台你都可以听懂大半,那么面向外国人的,语速实则偏慢的托福口语综合题就是小case了。



听一句task 3的对话,pause, 复述刚才这句话。如果你有一个词漏听了,或者一个发音把握不好,都不算过。完成一篇文章的跟读复述就是词一个不落,音一个不错。如果前几次没有做好,不要气馁,想想美国人跟读复述中文材料,那是没有百遍以上绝对下不来。