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1. Do you like shopping for shoes?

Yes: Absolutely! Just like most girls do.Cuz to me, they are not just something you put on, but more of a fashion accessory (时尚配饰).

No: Actually, unlike some people, I’m not big on (be big on: be a fan of;be fond of) buying shoes. To me, it’s just a matter of (仅仅是…) finding the right ones. Nothingmore.

2. How often do you buy shoes?

Yes: From time to time (时常,常常), I think. I would buy acouple of new pairs of shoes almost every season to match with my outfit (搭配我的着装).

No: Probably once in a few months, onaverage (平均来说). Cuz my shoes tend to be quite durable (耐用的,耐穿的), and they usually last a long time before they are worn out (磨破,穿破).

3. What kinds of shoes do you usually buy?

I shop for a wide range of shoes, from highheels (高跟鞋), flats(平底鞋), boots (靴子), totraining shoes (运动鞋), you know, to serve different needs (满足不同的需求).

The shoes I shop for are mostly simple, plain-looking (ordinary-looking) and comfortable ones. Cuz that’s basically everything that I need!

4. Do you prefer comfortable shoes, or good-looking shoes?

That’s an easy one! When it comes to shoes,comfort is always the number one priority(something that is more important than anything else).But that doesn’t mean I don’t care for (be fond of) looks. I mean, nobody wants to wear shoes that lookhideous(super ugly), right?

5. Do you have a pair of shoes that you especially like?

I do, as a matter of fact (in fact; actually). They are a pair of limitededition (限量版) that I bought a few years ago. I kind of splurgedon (splurgeon sth: spend a lot of money on sth 挥霍) them, but they are totallyworth it (be worth it: 值得)!

6. Do you ever buy shoes online?

Yeah, sometimes. Cuz there are some specialsoffers and discounts (优惠、折扣) every once in a while, which could save me some money. So,why not?

No, never. I would buy other things online,but if I wanna shop for shoes, I’d rather go to a shoe store. Cuz theproblem with shopping online is that (The problem with sth is that…: 什么的问题是…) you won’t be able to trythem on (试穿) andmay end up(end up doing: 到头来) buying a pair of shoes that don’t fit.

7. Do you think men and women are equally interested in buying shoes?

I don’t think so. Generally, women seem tobe more into shoes compared with guys. They tend to own shoes of differentstyles for various occasions (场合). For men, on the other hand, they are prettymuch (to some degree) the same thing.

雅思口语话题:A plan in your life

A plan in your life (that is not related to work or study)

You should say:

What it was about

When you made it

How it worked

And how you felt about the result

雅思口语思路:按照‘现在时-过去时-将来时’的结构去完成这个part 2 话题。








误区:不确定时态的时候可以稍微去看一下you should say部分,给自己一些提示。比如这里一看大部分都是过去时态,那个整个的内容应该就是过去的计划。


most of the time 大部分时候

study related 与学习相关的

a plan of mine 我的计划

guide book 导游书

totally on my own 完全靠自己

book hotel rooms 订酒店

a guided tour group 旅行团

do a lot of research 做很多研究

all sorts of information 各种信息

be desperate to know 急切的想知道

have a blast 很开心

it is pissing down 下大雨


Well, to be honest, I’ve got to say it’s a pretty difficult topic for me, cause you might not know this, but most of the time, it’s my mom who does all the planning for me, especially when it is study related. So if I’ve got to choose a plan of mine and tell you a little bit about it, perhaps I can just bring up the one I did for my trip to Sri Lanka.

In fact, way before last year, I bought Lonely Planet Sri Lanka when it was on sale, you know, it’s a guide book. They do all sorts of destinations. And then there was this one day, I realized that edition I had been having was going out of date soon, cause I saw the new version was coming out soon. So I thought it was time to plan a trip soon. You might not know this but normally I would love to go somewhere totally on my own. By accident one of my friends heard about my idea and she said she wanted to join me. So I booked our tickets and the hotel for the first night. We didn’t choose to go with a guided tour group, so we had to do a lot of research online before hand. Luckily I found a good website called tripadvisor which gave me all sorts of information I was desperate to know.

This Chinese New Year, we finally made it to Colombo, which is the capital. Even now, I’m feeling so lucky that I came up with the idea of travelling cause I really had a blast on that beautiful island. What I liked the best was the trip was quite spontaneous. I didn’t make any specific route before hand, so we were just following our heart the whole time. Apart from that, thank god, I checked the weather and that and successfully avoided the north which was pissing down at the time. Where we went, which is along the southwest coast, was sunny throughout the whole journey. Still though, there was something I didn’t arrange too perfectly. I didn’t pre book the hotels so when we got to each new city, we had to look for one ourselves, and the prices were relatively high as well. If I didn’t spend that much money, I would have probably stayed a bit longer. At the same time, my friend who went along seemed to enjoy herself just as much. Anyway, I think I might crack on a new plan for the next journey hopefully really soon.

雅思口语话题:a good parent you know

Describe a family member you want to spend time with

Describe a person who you respect

Describe a good neighbour




1. 对于第二部分需要强调的是充分的准备,无论是在论点方面,还是在词汇方面,以便充分论述话题。在这道题中考生对人物相貌的描述可以参考使用oval faces 椭圆的脸型, fair skin 皮肤白皙以及 big charming eyes。另外,还有对于发型的描述 with long curly hair 长长的卷发或 straight hair直发等。考生还需要在描述人物的体型时避免使用fat一词, 因为毕竟直接这样形容一个人不太礼貌,如果要表达胖可以用 overweight。

2. 考生在审题的时候一定要仔细注意题目要求,论述的是一位好家长,而不是一对好父母。单复数的限定必须要注意到,在整个话题的论述中讲一位家长就好,可以是某人的爸爸、妈妈、爷爷或奶奶。在论述中还一定要注意在讲parent时不要加s,否则对于单复数的限定就没有把握好。

3. 在整个话题的论述当中,最好举例说明自己知道的这位好家长到底如何好。考生们可以讲述整个事件,也可以把讲故事或者发生的一件事作为举例的一种形式。但是需要注意在讲述事件的时候不要太纠结过于细致的细节描述。

4. 第二部分话题的论述中一定要注意时态。尤其在这个话题的论述中很明显事件是已经发生过的,所以对于事件描述要注意过去时的使用。


Well, speaking of a good parent I know, I’d like to talk about the mother of one friend of mine, Mrs Wong, who’s an excellent photographer. Regarding how I knew this person, well, I first met her many years ago, like a decade ago or something, you know, I went to the same primary school with her daughter, Lily. Because Lily and I had a lot of things in common, we hit it off and ended up seeing quite a lot of each other’s parents. As for what she looks like, well, interesting enough, she actually looks pretty similar to Lily. I mean, they both have oval faces, fair skin and big charming eyes. Of course, there’s something different. Mrs Wong is in her 40s, of medium height, but a little bit overweight, with long curly hair, whereas as a teenager, Lily is pretty short and slim with short straight hair. Ultimately, moving on to why I think she’s a good parent, what I’d like to say here is that there are quite a few reasons. And the main reason is that she sets a very good example for her daughter. Just to give you an example, she always teaches Lily to be a tolerant person and she is such a tolerant person herself. As far as I know, she has never been rude to anyone, even if she’s very angry. I still remember once Lily was hit by a stone thrown away by a boy by accident and her head was bleeding. When Mrs Wong arrived here, she didn’t get mad or blame that guilty boy. Instead, she comforted him and then took Lily to the hospital. Also, she told Lily to forgive that boy, because he didn’t really mean it. It’s fair to say almost every person speak highly of Mrs Wong. So, I guess Mrs Wong is not only a good parent for Lily, but a role model for me as well.