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雅思口语:An English Class


The English lesson that left me a deep impression( 让我印象深刻)was taught by my junior high-school teacher, Miss Wang. One day she came into the class with a bag of things in her hand. I was curious about what they were and Miss wang said “it’s a surprise!” That really made me more interested. Later she told the class that we were going to learn how to order meals in English. First she showed pictures of tasty food and played a video of a person ordering steak. From the video, I learned lots of natural expressions (自然的表达), and even better, I got to know some western table manners, like you have to put your napkin on your lap before you eat the steak, and place fork in your left hand and hold the knife in your right hand. The best part was that we had a role-playing game. My teacher Miss wang first divided the class into pairs, gave us some food as realia (课堂教具), and provided some sentences and dialogues for us to practice. Everything went on smoothly and effectively. It was definitely one of the best English lessons I’ve ever had.


I have had many English lessons throughout my academic years, and the most impressive one was taught by my junior high-school English teacher, .. It was a Friday morning; she came into the class, holding her teaching materials and carrying a huge bag of things. When wondering what they were, I was told that it’s gonna be a surprise for the class. That really held my attention (让我兴致盎然).

Shortly afterwards, she said to the class“today, we are going to learn how to order a menu in english” On hearing that,I was like “wow, is she going to treat us to some delicacies(请我们吃美味佳肴)? That would be amazing!” Then basically, she showed some pictures of tantalizing food on her power-point, and engaged students to discuss what they prefer to eat and why. Every one looked so intrigued and was eager to talk. In a while she played a video of a person ordering a menu in a steak house. Through watching that clip(片段), not only did I learn some authentic restaurant vocabulary and expressions (地道的用餐词汇和表达), but also I got aware ofwesterndining etiquette(西方用餐礼仪). I have to say that lesson was really well-planned(精心设计的). But that’s not all. What fascinated me most was the food she brought to the class. Believe it or not, those things in the bag were mini steaks! Hardly can you imagine how much she must have spent on them. The final activity was a role-playing game: students working in pairs, one plays the role of a waiter and the other a customer. I was lucky enough to the customer and try the steak.It was like a taste of heaven(太美味了!), so tender and fresh.

All in all, this lesson was definitely something unforgettable. It was about English, but also about culture and communication. Totally student-focused(以学生为中心)!


1. How many hours do you sleep every day?

2. Is it necessary to sleep enough?

3. Is taking a nap important?

4. Do old people sleep a lot?

1. How many hours do you sleep every day?

这道题是简单的信息问句, 同学们要给出对应的信息内容。但切记不要只说I sleep for 8hours 就没有了。后续要给出更细节的东西, 这里介绍给同学们一种方法:一切分情况讨论。

可以借助频率词:usually,sometimes,once in a while,occasionally,或者是on weekdays ,on weekends,on holidays 等。

通常我每天睡几个小时,几点到几点,还可以给出原因,对学生来说睡前完成作业,finish the homework and prepare for the next day。早晨起床花费多久到学校commuting to school,这些信息都很不错。也可以再给出一个其他的情况,周六日或者假期睡多久,给出细节,这样语言上会丰富很多。

Actually,on weekdays,I usually sleep for just 6hours at most. Because I have to stay awake, finish my homework and prepare for the next school day until midnight and I must get up around 6:30 to fresh up myself then commute to school for 45mins. Fortunately, on weekends or holidays, I can stay in bed as long as I wish, maybe for 10 hours or even more.

2. Is it necessary to sleep enough?

这是一道必要性或者重要性的问题,对这一类问题一方面当然可以说明为什么有必要,对于本题就是have enough sleep 的好处:

比如 storage up energy养精蓄锐; get a clear mind for the next day第二天精神状况更好等; 另一个也很容易描述的方面是:实际情况是怎样。也就是大家都知道这个很必要也很有好处,但现实情况下大家更多的还是怎样。 联系现实情况永远都是一个很不错的扩展方向。

Sure, definitely. It’s extremely important to sleep for at least 7hours a day. So that one can storage up energy and get a clear mind for the next day. However, the fact is nothing like this. Almost everyone I know stays up quite late either having entertaining activities, playing smart phones or doing their job or homework. Lacking of bedtime is already a serious social problem nowadays.

3. Is taking a nap important?

这个题目跟上一道题答题的思路可以很一致,但是如果是出现在同一天的口试当中,同学们切记尽量不要去重复之前用过的语言,如果实在是想说的内容方向很一致那就反着说,前面说了睡眠充足会怎样,这里可以说如果不午休会怎样,状态不佳getting sleeping or dizzy这样语言也不会很重复。当然也可以用我们刚学的方法来结合现实。就你所知,大家是否午休,实际情况如何。

或者可以表达相反的观点。虽然听说午睡有好处,但实际上不午睡也可以保持很好的状态stay quite vigorous and active,这样也不为一个顺畅的思路。 午休taking a short break in the midday.

Honestly,I’m not so sure about this,I have heard that taking a short break in the midday prevents us from getting sleeping or dizzy in the afternoon.But in reality, the majority of my classmates including myself stay quite vigorous and active without it.So it might just be a personal thing I guess.

4. Do old people sleep a lot?

在part1 中,很多话题都会把主语转换为old people 或者kids 来进行提问。所以同学们还是要积累一下表示老年人的语言: the old, the aged,the senior,甚至也可以引入grandparents 这样的表述。

回答本题目,这是一个询问现状的yes/no问题,切记在回答是否之后,自然要给出一系列细节事实状况,老年人睡眠其实很多,只是睡得早:go to bed so much earlier,大概几点就入睡,但是他们起来的很早,要去晨练 doing some morning exercise in the park ,早市买菜do some grocery shopping, like vegetables and meat for the family 之类的。顺便可以提一下,我们中国的老人需要照顾全家人这一个很有意思的现象。

As far as I know, the old probably get more hours of sleep, maybe in average 8 hours. They wake up in the morning just as much earlier as they go to bed in the evening. Like my grandparents they start doing some morning exercise in the park with other aged friends at 6,and then go to do some grocery shopping for vegetables and meat for the family in the street market. It is a typical Chinese thing.


Do you often look in the mirror?

Do you often buy mirrors?

Where do you put mirrors?

Do you think mirrors are a necessary decoration?

1. Do you often look in the mirror?




look into the mirror 照镜子

every now and then 偶尔/有时

check my make-up 检查妆容

check my good looks 查看美丽的外表

check how I look 检查下美不美

hair style 发型

with the help of… 在……的帮助下

get rid of… = remove… 去掉……

sleepies 眼屎

stick around 粘着

be addicted to… 沉迷于……

get smudged 晕染了

embarrass oneself 丢脸


Well, sometimes! You know, I’m a lady and I’ve got to make sure I look good 24/7. Plus, every now and then I need to check if I’ve got any sleepies sticking around the corner of my eye.


I guess so. You might not know this, but I’m quite addicted to heavy make-ups and that. So I kind of have to constantly check my face to see if I’ve got my eyeliners smudged. Otherwise I could potentially scare some people. Did that once actually. Was pouring that day, so my whole face was all gone.


Not particularly. You know what, I don’t even own a mirror to be honest. But sometimes I do borrow other people’s mirror for a second just to check the spot on my face. Other than that, I don’t really spend much time looking in some mirrors.

2. Do you often buy mirrors?


误区:有的同学会就用粉饼盒子当镜子,但是英文又不确定怎么讲,没关系的,稍微解释一下就行‘I just use my face powder box or container, you know they always come with a powder puff as well as a mirror’


free gift 赠品

cosmetic products 化妆品

blusher 腮红

foundation powder 粉饼

plastic wrapping 塑料包装纸


Not at all. In fact, most of the mirrors I’ve got are free, I think. They are either from my friends or just came in some magazines, you know they always put some free gifts in the plastic wrapping.

3. Where do you put mirrors?




hang… on the wall 挂在墙上

hang… in the bathroom 挂在浴室

be scared 害怕

horror films 恐怖片

all those years 这么多年来

avoid doing… 避免做……


Well, if you mean the baby ones for my make-ups and that, I always just stuff them in my handbag. But when it comes to the bigger mirrors, you know the ones you put in the house, I think I might prefer to have one on my bathroom wall or anywhere else except in my bedroom, cause I would be quite scared. You know, I’ve watched too many creepy horror films all those years.

4. Do you think mirrors are a necessary decoration?



语料:appear larger 显得更大

look more spacious 看起来更宽敞

the size of… 和……一样大


Well, they can be. I’ve seen a lot of shops using a massive mirror the size of a wall and surprisingly that does make the whole place appear twice larger. In fact, I might place some big ones in my new flat to make it look more spacious.