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5月雅思口语话题part2范文: sth that can make you concentrate


I work in a usually hectic environment and there are all kinds of distraction occurring around, noise the worst. Thank god, I am allowed to resort to music for some protection.

My daily workload is huge and need quite a long focus to finish. To make things worse, the whole work place is open-plan without the traditional cubicles or office that divide and insulate people. My ears are swarmed with all kinds of sound, and it can be taxing sometimes. So, like those college years, I chose to isolate myself into a personal zone, it feels like travelling back to the library cramming study for some exams.


The music is really a helpful tools in such situations. I can’t hear the constantly sniffing any more, the sound of biting or sipping is gone, even all the work talks or gossip talks fade away, totally shield by my beloved video game soundtracks. It never gets boring, and it continues to pulse. My best bits are recordings from StarCraft, of which I played insane amounts of as a teenager. It really keeps me up when carrying out a task. As I finally dig out, as this kind of music is designed to foster achievement and help players get to the next level, it activates a similar “in it to win it” mentality while working. At the same time, it’s not too disruptive to my concentration. It’s just there in the background, not too boring, not too soothing, not too upbeat, not too bleak. For a guy who started in eighth grade with StarCraft and War3, I feel a strong connection to those game soundtracks. Maybe the nostalgia adds to the effects of music when I work.


5月雅思口语话题part2新题范文:competition you want to take part in

Describe a competition you want to take part in

You should say

What it is

When will it take

Where will it take


Well, I’m a couch potato so I watch a lot of TV programs everyday. Recently, I was attracted by a singing competition on TVand hope I can take part in it. It’s called The Voice of China, it is a Chinese reality talent show on Zhejiang Television.


The series consists of three phases: a blind audition, a battle phase, and live performance shows. The four judges/coaches choose teams of contestants through a blind audition process…

…Each judge has the length of the auditioner's performance to decide if he or shewants that singer on his or her team. In the final phase, the remaining contestants compete against each other in live broadcasts. The television audience and the coaches have equal say in deciding who wins the championship.

I have been wondering if there are anysinging opportunities like a competition or open band something like Super Girlbecause I have been singing here in China for a long time and I’m pretty goodat singing. Everyone around me says I’m a born singer because of my vocalability. I do hope I can step on the Voice of China stage and sing melodicsongs to catch the attentions of the audiences.

5月雅思口语话题精读配范文:a trip that you

You should say:

- Where do you want to go

- Who would you like to go with

- What would you do there

- And explain why you would like to go there



1. 时态

将来时和虚拟语态是学生最容易忽略和用错的部分。常用will 和 be going to代替所有未发生的事情。正确使用虚拟语气,是这片话题的关键。出了基础的使用情态动词,其他表示不肯定的,假设的词组如:if possible; I suppose等也都要学会灵活使用。

2. 最后一个问题


3. 基础信息回答



Well, I would like to describe a place that I want to go in the future, that will be the Bumbum island in Malaysia. This place, I think you may not very familiar with, it’s not like world famous, But you know what, it is a must-goattraction in Malaysia.

One amazing thing about the Bumbum island is that some people who went there before said the view there is just out of this world. So, hm...if possible, I would like to go there with my family maybe next year,by taking the plane of course, because it’s not that pricey for the ticket to go there.I,m thinking maybe during one of the holidays like the National Day Holiday, because everyone in China gets 7 days off. So I could take the advantage of that period of time

Talking about what I would do there, you know, there’s one thing Iwould definitely do, which is taking the helicopter, and going on a panoramatour of the island. I know this because one of my friends who has been therebefore and posted like tons of photos on social media. When I saw those photos,the awesomeness really took my breath away. You know even saw those photos I got goose bumps all over me. The water, the sky, the bush and the cottage,everything is just spectacularly beautiful, and indescribably amazing.

So, I would like to go there in the near future and I believe I would have an amazing time. Thank you, that’s all I wanna talk about today.


自然风景区:natural landscape, natural spot, natural scenery, tourist attraction, vocational spot…;历史古迹:historical relics, historical site, historical interest…;大都市:metropolis, modern city…

下面就来描述一下这三种地方的详细说法:picturesque views风景如画,landscape of lakes and hills湖光山色,enclosed/surrounded by lakes on one side and waters on the other依山傍水,traditional/ancient architecture历史建筑物,historical architectural complex 历史建筑群,historical and cultural heritage 历史文化遗产, rows of towering skyscraper成排高的摩天大楼,high-rise building高耸大楼,leisure facility休闲设施

package travel最常规的表达团游,solo travel独自旅游,DIY travel 自助游。这三种旅游方式的说法要学会掌握。


- 去过的难忘的地方;旅行

- 记忆深刻的,有意思的地方

- 难忘的经历


plan to go


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